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Gravity until equipartition of relativistic kinetic energies
Булыженков И.Э. (Bulyzhenkov I.E.) Gravity until equipartition of relativistic kinetic energies // EPJ Web of Conferences. 2018. 182: 03001. doi: 10.1051/epjconf/201818203001

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Gravity until equipartition of relativistic kinetic energies
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Einstein's relativistic mechanics can describe the low speed transport of variable internal and translation energies through two independent degrees of freedom while Newton's model of cold masses always operates only with one degenerated degree for these kinetic energies. Despite similar mathematics with Newton, Einstein's low speed physics for the spatial transport of variable internal heat and kinetic energy of ordered translations differs essentially from the classical physics of constant masses. Gravity of mechanical bodies with internal relativistic heat originates from the universal tendency of kinematic energies to their dynamical equipartition over available degrees of freedom. The free fall deceleration in extreme fields is followed by the accelerated takeoff and by further oscillations around the kinematic energy equilibrium.

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