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Lorentz Transform in Multi-Dimensional Space
Урусовский И.А. Lorentz Transform in Multi-Dimensional Space // Journal of Modern Physics , 2012, 3, 1749-1756

Категории: Исследование, Авторский указатель, Физика, Размерность времени

Lorentz Transform in Multi-Dimensional Space
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It is shown that in Euclidean space with any number of spatial dimensions more than three, the Lorentz transform holds true if the proper time of each elementary particle is proportional to the length of its path in the extra-dimensional sub- space, and all elementary particles move at the speed of light in the complete space. The six-dimensional treatment of the Coulomb force of interaction between two charges is given. The electric force is due to the motion of charges in the extra-dimensional subspace and is equal to the corresponding Lorentz force.

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