Dynamic Equilibrium of The Atemporal Universe


Amrit Srecko Sorli

Scientific Research Centre BISTRA, Slovenia



In the book “Relativity: The Special and General Theory” (1920) Einstein discussed that it makes no sense to think about space-time as an independent physical quantity. The basic medium into which runs material change is gravitational field. Space-time is only a structural quality of a gravitational field: "Space-time does not claim existence on its own but only as a structural quality of the [gravitational] field” (1).

The thesis here is that space-time as a structural quality of gravitational field is observer effect formed into the process of measurement. In quantum physics the term observer effect refers to changes that the act of observing will make on the phenomenon being observed; the observer is no longer external and neutral, but through the act of measurement he becomes himself a part of observed reality. Into scientific experiment “space-time” that is observer’s mathematical model also becomes structural quality of gravitational field.

When there is no measurement, space-time exists only as a mathematical model and do not exist as a structural quality of gravitational field. Einstein and Gödel were right saying that there is no time in the universe, that universe is a timeless (atemporal) phenomenon (2).

Time is what one measures with clocks. With clocks one measures duration and numerical order of material change that run into the gravitational field. Time enters into existence when one measures it (3,4).

In the universe nothing is “before” or “later” irreversible stream of material change runs into gravitational field that is timeless (atemporal). Human’s experience this irreversible stream into concept of “space and time”, scientist’s into concept of “space-time”.

Atemporal gravitational field is a “direct gravitational medium between massive objects”. Gravity force exists between basic elements of gravitational field called “quanta of gravity” that build up cosmic space. Gravity field has a different density that depends on the density of matter into given volume of gravity field. Higher is density of matter; lower is density of gravity field.  In General Theory of Relativity gravitational force is result of curvature of space. Stellar objects change geometry of space. Bigger is mass of a stellar object, more space is curved, bigger is gravitational force. Here idea arises that curvature of space in General Theory of Relativity is a measure of quantum density of gravitational field. More space is curved, less is density of gravitational field. Less space is curved, higher is its density.

Density of gravitational field increases with the distance from massive objects. Inside of massive objects density of field depends on density of mass . Higher is density of mass , lover is density of field . Where density of field  is lower quanta of gravity are more “stretched” and have stronger tendency to “shrink”. This “shrinking” force is gravitational force that works between quanta of gravity. Gravity force keeps gravitational field together and that keeps together also three dimensional objects that exist into it. Atemporal gravitational field is a “direct gravity medium” between stellar objects. In a similar way atemporal gravitational field is a “direct information medium” between two elementary particles by “Einstein-Podolski-Rosen” experiment. Information does not travel between particle A and B, information is into gravitational field into which exist both of particles. Light is bend by passing massive stellar objects because of different density of gravity field through which moves. Physical space into which stellar objects exist cannot be curved on its own. Physical base of curvature of space is variable quantum density of gravitational field .

Density of gravitational field inside of black holes, binary neutron stars, in the centre of galaxies

        Inside black holes density of gravity field is so low that gravity field has an enormous force of shrinking. This shrinking force disintegrates all subatomic particles back into quanta of gravity. Beyond Schwartschild radius mass transforms back into quanta of gravity. Black hole “sucks” matter from outer space and transforms it into quanta of gravity. Transformation “mass - quanta of space” continuously increases density of gravitational field  in the centre of black hole that spreads with the light speed into outer space as a “gravitational waves”.

Astronomical observations of diminishing of speed of rotation (orbit time) of binary neutron stars PSR1913+16 is explained by transformation of mass of stars into gravitational radiation. According to the understanding here gravitational radiation is result of transformation of mass of stars into quanta of gravity in the centre of binary stars (similar as in the centre of black holes). Transformation “mass - quanta of gravity” increases density of gravitational field  in the centre of stars that spreads with the light speed into outer space as a “gravitational radiation”.

Existence of gravitational waves that are emission of mass and are absorbed by mass in a similar way as electromagnetic waves might be a wrong preposition. Some researches exclude existence of gravitational waves that travel from stellar object A to stellar object B in order to keep them together (5,6).


Dynamic Equilibrium of the Atemporal Universe

Astronomical observations show that Active Galactic Nucleus (AGN) of our galaxy “eats” near stars and galaxies and time by time throws out huge amount of fresh gas (7). AGN transforms matter it into quanta of space. This process increases density of space into AGN. As by black stars and neutron binary stars gravitational waves are spreading into outer space also from AGN. When a huge amount of matter is entering AGN, density of gravitational field reaches certain maximum in a very short time. This sudden increasing of  is a cause for a big explosion where gravitational quanta transform into elementary particles. After density  turns below maximum value, explosion stops. AGN are “refreshing” fabric of the universe, they transform “old” matter into “fresh” matter and keep entropy of the universe constant.

In the universe there is a permanent fluctuation of energy “matter-space-matter-space”. Sum of density of matter  and gravitational density of space  in a given volume of universe tends to be in equilibrium: . When there is an access of density matter will turn into space, where there is an access of density gravitational energy of space will turn into matter. Universe is a dynamic system in a permanent dynamic equilibrium, there is no beginning and on end of the universe.


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