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A possible origin of quantum correlations
Journal of Russian Laser Research, 2017, V. 38, № 3.
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A possible origin of quantum correlations

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We intend to eliminate the known conflict between relativity and quantum mechanics. We believe the “instant” correlation between entangled distant quantum particles can be explained by the fact that in a laboratory reference frame the photon traveling duration is positive and finite while its proper (in vacuum) traveling duration is equal to zero. In the latter case, any two events that are separated (in a laboratory reference frame) by an arbitrary finite distance can be considered as simultaneous ones. So, the photon nonlocal correlation turns out to be a relative property and may be explained like known twins paradox in relativity. In such a situation, any standard causal interaction between the correlated particles is absent in a laboratory reference frame; however, some specific mutual couple appears between them; this couple is strictly oscillating without some oriented energy or/and information transferring. We also motivate the basic hypothesis extension on quantum particles having nonzero masses.

Keywords: relativity, quantum mechanics, quantum correlations, Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen paradox, superluminal speed, relativistic causality, entangled state.

DOI: 10.1007/s10946-017-9638-4

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