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Triplet Paradox in Special Relativity and Discrepancy with Electromagnetism

Triplet Paradox in Special Relativity and Discrepancy with Electromagnetism

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Special Relativity Theory (SRT) is considered to be compatible with classical electrodynamics. However, there are several logically deduced discrepancies inherent in SRT itself, which are called "paradoxes" and demand scrupulous examination. The "twin paradox" is most well-known. In this paper a new thought experiment, including three different observers (triplets) is presented. As opposed to the notorious "twin paradox" we suggest a case where two persons are moving in opposite directions in a manner symmetrical to the basic frame of reference being fixed. This consideration leads to the fundamental notion of physics of time controlling causality as an indispensable element of every scientific view. This is a pivotal tenet of SRT – "relativity of simultaneity" that is subjected to violation, in which case the ability of lawful implementation for Lorentz transform gets in doubt. Moreover, the consistent implementation of SRT in electromagnetism leads to breakdown of the equivalence principle in the realm of General Relativity.

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