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Verification of the Rigidity of the Coulomb Field in Motion
Булыженков И.Э. (Bulyzhenkov I.E.), Блинов С.В. (Blinov S.V.) Verification of the Rigidity of the Coulomb Field in Motion // Russian Physics Journal. 2018. 61(2): 321-329. doi: 10.1007/s11182-018-1403-9

Категории: Исследование, Авторский указатель

Verification of the Rigidity of the Coulomb Field in Motion
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Laplace, analyzing the stability of the Solar System, was the first to calculate that the velocity of the motion of force fields can significantly exceed the velocity of light waves. In electrodynamics, the Coulomb field should rigidly accompany its source for instantaneous force action in distant regions. Such rigid motion was recently inferred from experiments at the Frascati Beam Test Facility with short beams of relativistic electrons. The comments of the authors on their observations are at odds with the comments of theoreticians on retarded potentials, which motivates a detailed study of the positions of both sides. Predictions of measurements, based on the Lienard–Wiechert potentials, are used to propose an unambiguous scheme for testing the rigidity of the Coulomb field. Realization of the proposed experimental scheme could independently refute or support the assertions of the Italian physicists regarding the rigid motion of Coulomb fields and likewise the nondual field approach to macroscopic reality.

Keywords: test of long-range action, rigid field motion, retarded potentials, nonlocality.

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