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1995-2004. Abstracts of reports

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Spring semester of 1995


Happy new 1995 year!

14 March, Tuesday

A. N. DADAEV. “N. A. KOZYREV IS THE AUTHOR OF AN UNUSUAL PHYSICAL TIME THEORY”. Biographical data about the scientist. The birth of the theory from astrophysical research.Reason mechanics and the opening of vulcanizm on the Moon.Withdrawal from materialistic positions and crisis of the theory.(A. N. Dadaev. Nickolay Alexandrovich Kozyrev // N. A. Kozyrev. Selected papers. L.: LSU Print. 1991. Pp. 8-48).

21 March, Tuesday

About importancy: S. G. SMIRNOV..

M. E. GERTZENSHTEIN. "THE 'TIME ARROW' IN PHYSICS". The "Time arrow" is the consequence of quantum electrodynamics. The biological "time arrow" coincides with the thermodynamic one: the heat flow is directed from the Sun (6000 K) to the Earth (300 K) and further out to space (3 K). In these conditions life evolved.

28 March, Tuesday

About importancy: S. N. LOVYAGIN.

V. E. ZHVIRBLIS."CONSTRUCTION OF LIFE SPACE". The space where the "life arrow" exists as physical reality and where life may evolve is a materialistic but directly invisible enviroment with a broken mirror symmetry - a physical vacuum (the "time course" of N. A. Kozyrev; the space-time twisting field, the torso field). An experimental situation where physical vacuum is capable of showing itself indirectly in unlocal macroscopic effects connected with the transmission of energy and information by means of impulse transfers is viewed. (The Russian Chemistry Magazine - The Journal of The Russian Chemistry Society after D. I. Mendeleev. 1994. V. 38. N. 6. Pp. 107-117).

4 April, Tuesday

A. E. AKIMOV. "EXPERIMENTAL DISPLAYS OF TORSO FILEDS IN PHYSICS AND TECHNOLOGY". The displays of torso fields in experimental phenomenology are stated. Initial preconditions of planning and carrying out physical, chemical and biological experiments on torso generators are determined. Main results of the presence of torso fields in fundamental scientific experiments and of the application of fields in torso technologies are stated. Discussed are the consequences of the scientific and technological applications of torso fields. (A. E. Akimov. Euristic discussion of the problem of search for new disctant actions // EGS-conceptions. MNTC VENT. M. 1992. Preprint N7A).

18 April, Tuesday

I. A. EGANOVA, V. A. GUSEV. "THE CHRONOMETRIC CONCEPTION OF N. A. KOZYREV: NEW EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS AND INTERPRETATIONS". Complex research of the sun's daily parallel using N. A. Kozyrev's methods are viewed as an astrophysical experimentum crucis in the solving of the problem of the four-dimensional time-space physical reality. The discussed experimental results are in benefit of the recognition of the Event World's reality. The stated interpretation is illustrated by results of synchronous laboratory observations over a complex of various nature ground detectors during the collision of the Shumaker-Levi 9 comet with Jupiter. The research results of the initiating influence of external irreversible processes over the substance's state of organized systems are discussed.  Discussed is the possibility of the research of the fractal structure of the Events World by their space-time laws.

25 April, Tuesday

"REVIEW OF THE WORK OF F. HOYLE, G. BURBIDGE AND I. V. NARLIKAR 'A QUASI-STEADY STATE COSMOLOGICAL MODEL WITH CREATION OF MATTER' // THE ASTROPHYSICAL J. VOL.410. PP.437-457". A. A. LEPEKHIN. A description of a cosmological model which allows for the evolving of matter only in strong gravitation fields and in which the speed of the Universe's expansion is not constant, but may undergo changes as they occur in the quantity of regions where matter is formed and the substance's mass in them, is given.The conformity of the model and observation data is viewed: background radiation, abundance of light isotopes, and the observant features of some astronomic objects.

A. P. LEVICH. "THE PROBLEMS OF SEARCHING FOR SUBSTANTIAL TIME REFERENCES" . About the essences required for the construction of the picture of the world. What stands behind the "substance" term. Ether, vacuum, flow, substance ... The "Technology Sum" for the identification of substances. The substantial approach as a speculative method of knowledge. Is our Universe isolated: Gelvezy's and Kozyrev's principles. An example of a substantial world picture: the time "arrow", disposal of "heat death", particles, interactions, space, world symmetries, life, passionarity ... (A. P. Levich. Scientific time comprehension // Questions of phylosophy. 1993. N4. Pp. 115-124).

16 May, Tuesday

About importancy: Yu. S. VLADIMIROV.

V. V. ORLOV. "DYNAMICS OF STAR SYSTEMS FROM THE VIEW OF THE CONSEQUENTIAL N. A. KOZYREV'S MECHANICS". From the positions of consequential mechanics a set of galactic and star system's properties is interpreted. It is posiible to explain the origin of the galaxies' rotations and observed flat curves of the rotations of the galaxies' disks. The virial paradox for congestions and groups of galaxies is eliminated without the attraction of a quite artificial assumption about the existence of a "hidden" mass.

23 May, Tuesday

About importancy: A. SEDOV.

L. S. SHIKHOBALOV. "THE RELATIVISTIC AND THE CLASSIC SPACE-TIME: THE SIMILARITIES AND DISTINCTIONS". The main rule of the special theory of relativity (in G. Minkovsky's interpretation) may be determined in the following way: there exists a four-dimensional variety - space-time - with fixed world lines of physical objects. This rule is distributed onto classic mechanics in the report (using another variation metrics). The "relativistic" and "classic" space-time models are viewed in parallel, which allows to see not olnly the distinctions more clearly, but also the similarities between classic mechanics and the special theory of relativity. The obtaines results show the insufficiency of a purely geometric description of space-time and point to the necessity of aloocation of an additional structure for the space-time which can be interpretated as a space-time substance.

30 May, Tuesday

About importancy: E. V. PROSHECHKIN.

K. E. PLOKHOTNIKOV. "THE NORMATIVE MODEL OF GLOBAL HISTORY: INFORMATION, RESOURCES, POLITICS". The mathematical model based upon the ideas of the theory of information, politology and phylosophy of history leads to a set of interesting conclusions concerning possible ways and purposes of the world history. (Russia XXI. 1994. N8. Pp. 80-91).