Russian Interdisciplinary
Temporology Seminar:
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1995-2004. Abstracts of reports

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Autumn semester of 1997

Topic of the semester: TEMPOROLOGY IN RUSSIA

14 October, Tuesday

V. S. BARASHENKOV (Dubna). "DEVELOPMENT OF MODERN IDEAS ABOUT TIME" (PDF file, 40.6 Kb). Science and religion - why philosophy is especially important now. Problems of theory of relativity - the Lorentz's and Einsteinean treatment of time relations and the experimental check-up of these two approaches. Superluminal motions - the irreversibility of time and the problem of causality. Idea of multidimensional time - is it at variance with the experiment? How the world looks when time is three-dimensional? Kozyrev's hypotheses, extrasensoric - is it a myth or reality? (V.S. Barashenkov, M.Z. Yur'iev. Is the Hypothesis of Time Multi-Dimentionality at Variance with the Facts? // Foundations of Physics. 1997, in press.)

21 October, Tuesday

A. A. RAIKOV (St.-Petersburg). "GRAVITHERMODYNAMICS: PROBLEMS AND PERSPECTIVES". Different approaches to the formulation of the II-nd Principle of thermodynamics for the systems where selfgravitation plays important role are discussed. The causes, preventing the generalisation of the known Beckonstain-Howking expression for enthropy in the selfgravity systems without event horizont, are analysed. The perspectiveness of the field theory of gravitation, where selfgravitation is described as bicomponent field sources and gravitons, is shown. The main result of the qualitative analysis of thermodynamical evolution, made with this approach, is the prediction of the fractal matter distribution with the dimension equal to 2 and uniform distribution of the massless component (gravitons). Namely in this lines the famous cosmological paradox of "the themal death of the Universe" is considered. The main mechanism of enthropy rise in the star mass objects is considered to be the irreversible dissipation of energy in the process of gravitational radiation.(Baryshev Yu.V., Raikov A.A. About Enthropy of selfgravitating systems, Astrofizika, 1989, v.29, p.595 (in Russian).Oschepkov S.A., Raikov A.A., Sergeev A.G. Nonlocal thermodynamics of polythropes, Gravitaziya, 1995, v.1, iss.1.)

28 October, Tuesday

V. V. GUKIN (Perm'). "AUTOREFERENT CONCEPT OF TIME". This investigation is an attempt to define the referent of the notion of Time and to construct a formal model founded on this determination. The problem is discussed from the cybernetical and natural science point of view using mathematical methods of abstract automates, categories and functors.

11 November, Tuesday

L. S. SHIKHOBALOV (St.-Petersburg). "AN ELECTRON AS THE STRUCTURE OF SPACE-TIME SUBSTANCE" (PDF file, 38 Kb). It is considered that the space-time is filled in specific 4-dimensional substance of pseudoeuclidean Minkowski space geometry. An electron is modelled by some structure of this substance. The model describes electromagnetic field of an arbitrary moving charge exactly and it doesn't need of Maxwell equations and system of reference (the last is used only for calculation of values treating to 3-dimensional physical space). (Shikhobalov L.S. What can be obtained from the substantial conception of time? // On the way to understanding the time phenomenon: the constructions of time in natural science. Part 2: The "active" properties of time according to N.A.Kozyrev / Editor A.P.Levich. Singapore; New Jersey; London; Hong Kong: World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., 1996. P. 174 - 221. (Series on advances in mathematics for applied sciences; Vol. 39). Shikhobalov L.S. Electrodynamics reexamined // St.-Petersburg University Bulletin. Issue: Mathematics, mechanics, astronomy. 1997. N 3 (15). Pp.109-111, in Russian.)

18 November, Tuesday

V. F. OSIPOV (St.-Petersburg). "SPACE-TIME GEOMETRIC STRUCTURE". Various geometric methods of electrodynamics inclusion in the Einstein's theory of gravitation are considered in the paper ( a review of the 3-d volume of the monography: V.F. Osipov Space-time structure: vectorial algebra and analysis. S-Pt.: S-Pt. Univ. Publ. House. Volumes 1 and 2 were published in 1995; Vol.3 is in press, in Russian)

25 November, Thuesday

A. A. GRIB (St.-Petersburg). "QUANTUM LOGIC, TOPOLOGY, AND PROBLEM OF TIME". The difference between the quantum logic and the classical one are discussed. In referance with a problem of topology quantization it is given an example of a system, the state of which can be defined only within two moments of time but not within one. (A.A. Grib. Violation of Bell inequalities and the problem of measuring in the quantum theory. Dubna: Joint Institute of Nuclear Researches. 1992, in Russian.)

9 December, Thuesday


2) D. A. TOLSTOY (St.-Petersburg). "MUSIC AND PERCEPTIBLE TIME". Qualitative aspects of the dependence of time peception speed are considered, including Dionysian (slowing down) and Apollonian (acceleration) lines in music. (D.A.Tolstoy. Music and Time // Soviet Music. 1971. N 12. D.A.Tolstoy. Music and Time // Termina- tor. 1994. N 1. Pp.27-31, in Russian.)

16 December, Thuesday

A. V. PUSHKIN (Sarov). "CONCEPT OF TIME IN NONCONTRADICTORY QUANTUM GRAVITATION". The report states some qualitive corollaries of quantum gravitation obtained by the author and having general-physical meaning. It turns out that the development of noncontradictory (without divergences) quantum gravitation is equivalent to the development of the material field theory with unbroken localized scaling symmetry. In physics language this means that the theory satisfies the fundamental experimental fact: the absense of absolute dimension scales in nature. In algebraic language the mathematical content of the theory is reduced to the unique object: commutative non-associative algebra having been developed by Griss and a group of automorphisms of this algebra, the "Monster" group or the "Griss-Fisher's Freindly Giant". Geometric properties of the theory are expressed in terms of four-dimension manifolds the structure of which is exhausted by the structure of two-dimension surfaces globally embedded in them. The relation between two descriptions is set by the "Monster" group representation theory being the theory of representations of some infinite-dimensional affine Lie algebra. In its turn, it means that the quantum gravitation theory may be expressed in terms of the system of well integrable non-linear partial differential equations. This provides a tool for performing comparison of one physical process with another in terms of invariant representation for one solution of these equations using invariants of the other solution. Concept of time that appears in such theory may be briefly expressed by the phrase chosen by the author as an epigraph to his report. Epigraph: "... in no case did Zakhar Pavlovich sense time as some solid thing - it existed for him only as a mystery of the alarm clock mechanism. And when Zakhar Pavlovich had learned the pendulum mystery, he understood that there is no time but there is only the uniform tight spring's force." Andrey Platonov "The Origin of the Master".

23 December, Thuesday

A. V. DOBRYAKOVA (Moscow). "SPACE-TIME CONSTRUCTIONS IN MYTHOLOGICAL SYSTEMS". As a rule, mythological and religious concepts personify the exterior phenomena. There exist: gods (time spirits) and sovereigns of the space directions (e.g. of the cardinal points). These are (not necessary) anthropomorphic creatures, and their behavior is the cause of the changes occurring. Space and time scales are associated with the life duration of such creatures and with the supernatural abilities they exhibit. This communication considers esoteric space-time structures and mythological properties of time in different culture traditions.