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Why time slows down
Пакулин В.Н. (Pakulin V.N.) Why time slows down // St. Petersburg.13 p.

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Why time slows down
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Everyone is talking about time. However, no one knows its nature. What is time? Why does the rate of proper time of a body depend on the speed and on the force of gravity? To understand this, it is necessary to consider a visual physical model of the structure of the field and matter and the nature of gravity.

Today, formal methods of describing gravity tacitly assume that mass itself has an innate property of attracting other masses, and that stars fly in the void. In reality, the invisible dispersed medium of the electromagnetic field fills the Universe. Inside the vortex disturbances of this medium, pressure gradients arise, which create gravitational forces. In space, galactic vortices of the electromagnetic field create the effect of "Dark Matter". The duration of the period of rotation of the field shell of the body - the electromagnetic mass - determines the rate of its own time.

Key words: time, gravity, electromagnetic field, gravitational field, gravitation, electromagnetic mass, Bernoulli effect.

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